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Tapering period before your next race


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The taper period is a phase in an athlete’s training program before a race, usually lasting one to three weeks.

During this time training intensity and volume are reduced to allow the body to rest recover and adapt fully to the training stimulus.

Tapering aims to minimize fatigue, reduce the risk of injury and ensure athletes are fresh and at their Peak Performance on race day.

It is a crucial part of race preparation and helps athletes achieve their best results and if you want your free guide to running faster in record time then order the Run Faster program.

Turning up your training to feel “prepared” for a race is actually burning you out!
My advice to ANY athlete competing ⬇️

Take your foot off the pedal 1-3 weeks before your event 😴
Doing so will recharge your body and mind to help you win !!
Training hard is crucial for success, but you’ll reach your goals 10x faster if you train smartly as well 🤔

So plan in a tapering period in the lead-up to your race or game and watch your performance reach the next level 🗓️
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