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Most Powerful Joint in Sports is Under Trained


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We all have two hip joints on each side of our anatomy, and these joints are responsible for our speed and strength. The hip joint is what actually initiates most types of athletic movement. Hip joints need six different planes of motion, but even athletes often skip over vital planes. These six planes of motion are: extension, flexion, adduction, abduction, and then both internal and external rotation. These planes of motion are essential for athletes to work on since failure to work these joints can result in hamstring injuries and other unfortunate setbacks while training.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although the hip joint moves through multiple planes of motion throughout almost any sport, this has gone largely unacknowledged by athletic pros and trainers.
  • Just like the human shoulder, the hip joint is of the ball and socket variety.
  • Being a ball and socket joint, the hip joint can move in a spherical path, or in a circular path.

“Your hip joint is so important that it is the focal point of all of your core strength and power and it initiates a lot of your athletic movements”

Read more: https://athleticquickness.com/training-workouts-hip-joint/


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