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You must use ISOMETRICS to run faster

Isometrics is the best training form to get faster in Rapid time here’s why. Isometric training involves Contracting muscles against immovable objects or without changing their length.

Examples include holding a halfway biceps curl position with the weight or pushing against a wall. It enhances muscle size and strength rapidly.

Isometric training engages motor units stimulating less used Fast switch muscle fibers and intensifying contractions leading to Quick muscle development and speed gains.

This strategy has been known for accelerating athletes running speeds. Combining resistance band training with isometric approaches further enhances the speed gains an athlete can achieve.

So make sure to include isometrics in your speed training

🔊You must use ISOMETRICS to run faster 💥
Why…? 🤔
👉Overloads fast twitch muscle fibres
👉Little to no risk of injury
👉Works you neglected hip flexors (aka your secret speed muscles)
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