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Resistance Band Exercises for Speed

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Include Isometric Training With The Resistance Band Into Your Workouts, If You Hope To Become An All-Star Athlete I want to explain to you why it is important to include isometric training with the resistance band into your workout routines if you ever hope to become a faster athlete and take your game to the next level. I am going to start with what I think is some pretty basic information about the resistance band that you may already know, and then I am going to give you what I consider as bonus information, information that I haven’t shared with… read more

Resistance band exercises
Resistance Band Exercises for Speed

The most effective way to develop speed and quickness! The way we teach it, the resistance band workout will isolate and condition your muscles in ways they have never experienced,  so they respond with more speed and quickness then ever before. Resistance Band Tied In a Loop and Ready for a Workout Resistance bands have a very unique physical property known as variable elastic potential.  This means that the more you stretch the band, the more resistance that is applied. The bands are able to resist upwards of hundreds of pounds of force yet they weigh only a few ounces…. read more

Resistance band training
Why Use Bands With Isometric Training?

 Why Isometrics and Resistance Band Training for Speed Gives Results Not Available With Weight Training  or Any Other Type of Workout Including Other Forms of Band Exercises   “Helps Athletes Improve Their Sports Performanceand Advance Their Athletic Careers” One of the more popular types of training aids is what is known as the resistance band or exercise band. Figure 1. The resistance or exercise band This is an outstanding product that has a very unique physical property known as a variable elastic potential.  This means that the more you stretch the band, the more force you will have to apply to maintain… read more

Best exercise resistance bands
Best Resistance Bands for Speed Training Workouts

Attention: Athletes using resistance band workouts ……… Not all resistance bands are created equal There are many different companies that make exercise resistance bands and you may have seen them in a catalog or at a local gym. Some companies even make resistance tubing (not bands) that handles. But, not all exercise bands provide the type of resistance you need when performing the speed training exercises described in the programs offered by AthleticQuickness.com. Which bands are the best exercise resistance bands for speed training and why? Some exercise bands are too weak regardless of what level or resistance you use… read more

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