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How To Run Faster With This RDL Alternative


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Do this alternative RDL to run faster. Regular eccentric Romanian deadlifts result in a significant Improvement in your speed. You may be wondering what eccentric means. Eccentric refers to the negative part of the movement, so in terms of a Romanian deadlift, the Eccentric phase is when you lower the bar to your knees.

To get the most speed gains out of rdl’s slowly lower the barbell to your knees, pause for two seconds and then explosively raise the bar back to your hip.

Rdl’s are a common cause of injury in the sporting so do not go heavy. Focus on squeezing the hamstrings and slowly lowering that barbell to your knees.

Track athletes should complete rdl’s twice a week for six weeks. Start with one set on week one, two on week two and so on. Each set consists of 10 reps.

💥How To Run Faster With This RDL Alternative. 🚀

Unlock the power of your hamstring and glutes with eccentric RDLs. 💥🚀

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