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Hello everyone and welcome! 

I am Dr. Larry Van Such for AthleticQuickness.com.  And, I am here to bring you another running speed challenge to see if we can make you even faster with, get this, just 9 minutes of exercise training time, spread out over the next 14 days.

That’s right! Just 9 total minutes of training over the next 14 days!  And, I am extremely confident that, for anyone trying the exercises that I am about to present in this video, it’s going to work for them.

But before I begin, I want to say that if you are new to our website and haven’t seen or taken our first speed challenge, (with over 2.4 million views!!), then you might want to watch that video, first, and I’ll post it on this page further down, below.

Now, you don’t have to watch that video to benefit from this video, but, the exercise shown there has already helped a lot of people get faster in just a few days and since that’s probably why you are here, why not take advantage of it. 

A Literal Twist To These Exercises That You Haven’t Seen or Tried, Before!

Okay, so let’s get right to this running speed challenge.  

I am going to show you two new hip flexor exercises but, unlike the one in our previous challenge and unlike any that you may have seen or done before, these two have a slight twist to them

And the twist I am talking about is really a literal twisting, or, turning of the leg, externally, for one exercise and internally for the other. See images, below:

Targets All 7 Hip Flexors, Not Just The Psoas

And this external and internal twisting of your leg will allow you to target all 7 of your hip flexor muscles, not just the psoas(!), in completely different planes, or, angles than you are used to.  And this should expose more of their weaknesses such that, when you begin to strengthen them the way I show you, the expectation is for you get even faster than you are right now.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

And that’s the challenge I have for you…to see if you can get even faster with just 9 minutes of training spread out over the next two weeks by doing the exercises in this video.  So, what do you think?  Are you up to the challenge?  Do you have 9 minutes to give this a try? Do you have a need to get faster in your sport? Of course, you do!

Before we go any further, I’d like to introduce you to Eric Harrison, pictured below. He is the current 2022 Big Ten 100m & 200m champion (from Ohio State), silver medalist representing Trinidad in the 2022 4x100m relay at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, Trinidad’s Fastest Man in 2022 (10.08 Legal Time in the 100m) and Silver Medalist in 4x100m at the 2022 Bahamas NACAC games. Plus, as you can see, he is also a proud user of the Run Faster Program which you are about to try a little bit, of! Great job, Eric!

Olympian Eric Harrison With His Run Faster Program.

Only $29.95!

Only $29.95! Plus a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!
Eric Harrison’s Medals that he won in 2022 running for Trinidad.

(Learn more about the Run Faster With Isometric Training program.)

Let’s get started!

Alright, I’m going to show you the exercises here in just a moment but before I do, I want to let you know that training instructions and other helpful tips will be given to you immediately after you see the last exercise so, make sure you look for it.  Okay, Here We Go!

Important Notice: We always recommend that you consult with your physician before starting any exercise program, including the exercises shown below.

Next…Watch These Exercises.

Exercise #1. Hip Flexion With External Rotation

Exercise #2. Hip Flexion With Internal Rotation

Bonus 3rd Exercise

I want to include one more exercise in this speed challenge for you to do and that is the one from our previous challenge video, which you may have seen and tried, except the training schedule for it will be different, here. And the reason is it will provide a nice, complete balance for training your hip flexors that I believe will benefit you even more.

Exercise #3. Hip Flexion With No Rotation

Before continuing on, I want you to meet two of our previous speed challenge participants, Alison and Shawn. Both did remarkably well with the exercise and as you can see, were extremely pleased they found out about the Run Faster program. Maybe someday soon we may be fortunate enough to share your story on our website.

Allison (Pennsylvania). Sets PB in 800m after 3 weeks from 2:37 to 2:32. Drops 5 Seconds!!

Only $29.95!

Only $29.95! Plus a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!
Shawn Jackson, Hope College 1000 yd rusher. Sets PB in 40yd at 4.5s in 1 week!.

(Learn more about the Run Faster With Isometric Training program.)

*************** Training Instructions ***************

First, I want you to time yourself in whatever running event you are looking to improve upon, whether that be the 40 yard dash, 100m, 200m or maybe something a little longer like 400, 800 or 1,500m, before starting these exercises. And be sure to you write down the date you ran and your times.

Training Schedule, Overview

With regards to the training schedule for these exercises, it’s actually very easy. You are simply going to do the three exercises that you just saw, one time a day with each leg and, you’re going to do this three days a week for the next two weeks.  That’s it.  So, let’s talk a little more about your daily schedule, first.

Daily Schedule

On the days that you are going to train, you will start by doing exercise #1, just one time for the right leg and one time for the left. Then, you’ll do the same for the exercise #2, again, just one time for the right leg and one time for the left and finally, you’ll do exactly the same for the third exercise, one time for the right leg and one time for the left.  That’s it. That’s all you will do for the day.

Now, if we put all of this in a chart, your daily schedule will look like this:

Looking at the image, above, you’ll see that if you do each exercise for the full 15 seconds with each leg, the most you’ll be training per day is just 90 seconds, or, 1-1/2 minutes.

Weekly Schedule

As far as the weekly schedule is concerned, I’d recommend Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but, you can choose any three days that you like just space them out as best as possible.  

Now, since you’ll be on this schedule for two weeks, you’ll end up putting in 6 days of training, and so your total exercise time will be just 9 total minutes, maximum.

Yes, I know 9 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but, you’ll be surprised how well this works. In fact, I know you will!

Before finishing up, I want you to meet Magan and Adam. These are two high school level athletes who have experienced some very impressive improvements while using the Run Faster program. Just look at their before and after times… amazing! This could be you, too, so give this a chance! Great job, guys!

Magan Hussain. Goes from 5.78 to 5.07 in 40yd dash after just two weeks!

Only $29.95!

Only $29.95! Plus a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!
Adam Thomas. Goes fro 5.60 to 5.10 in 40yd dash after just two weeks!

(Learn more about the Run Faster With Isometric Training program.)

Time Yourself, Again, When You Are Finished

Finally, when you are finished with your last exercise at the end of the second week, I want you to wait a day or two, to rest up a bit, and then time yourself again in the same running events you did before you started these exercises, compare your times to see how much faster you got and then report back to me either in the comment section below or through email Support@AthleticQuickness.com and let me know how you did, because I want to know!

Helpful Tip #1: What Does Using Between70-80% of Your Max Strength, Mean?

When I say “Using between 70-80% of your maximum strength” for these exercises, what I mean is that you want put enough effort in to them such that at around the 10 second mark, you are looking to end the exercise because it’s getting too difficult for you to maintain a steady position.

And, if you can go past 15 seconds rather easily,then you probably don’t have enough resistance in your setup and I’ll show you how to fix that when I talk about what types of bands to use for these exercises, next.

Helpful Tip #2: What Types of Resistance Bands Should You Use?

I want you to use these types of resistance bands for the exercises.

And not these thick, heavy body bands seen below as those are too strong and won’t very well. I like those band for other exercises, just not these as they will prove to be too stiff and you won’t get a good, dynamic pull with them. 

I’d also recommend you use the light or medium bands and if they are too weak, you can combine them, together to increase their strength.

An Encouraging Message

I want to finish up by saying that I encourage you to you give these exercises a chance, is simply this: “don’t let the simplicity of these exercises fool you. The results that hundreds of athletes have already gotten with them is absolutely staggering!”. 

And the reason I can say with this with confidence is because these three exercises that you just saw, are actually a small part of our popular Run Faster program seen here.

And if you are familiar with our website, then you’ve obviously seen the hundreds of testimonials we have received from athletes, perhaps just like yourself, who have already tried this program and became much faster.

A Sneak Peak Inside This Amazing Program!

So, you are essentially getting a sneak peek into that program with the opportunity to try a little of it before buying it to see if it works for you. And if it does, like I know it will,  I hope that you’ll consider getting the full program really soon because, who doesn’t want more speed? Right. And it’s reasonably priced at only $29.95.  So, that’s a pretty good deal!

Good Luck To You!

Okay, those are your instructions… Good Luck to you and please, report back to me either in the comment section below or by email and I’ll be sure to respond.  And don’t forget

That’s it! For AthleticQuickness.com, I’m Dr. Larry Van Such.

More great people who have taken our first speed challenge and eventually used the full program to achieve amazing results. Nice work Jordan and DJ!

Jordan Harris, Kingston, Ontario. From 5.3 to 4.8 (40yd) and 13.8 to 12.4 in the 100m

Only $29.95!

Only $29.95! Plus a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!
DJ, from South PIttsburgh, Tennessee. Went from 4.5 to 4.36 in the 40yd

Our First Speed Training Challenge Video is Below.

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