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Best Resistance Bands for Speed Training Workouts

Attention: Athletes using resistance band workouts ………

Not all resistance bands are created equal

There are many different companies that make exercise resistance bands and you may have seen them in a catalog or at a local gym. Some companies even make resistance tubing (not bands) that handles. But, not all exercise bands provide the type of resistance you need when performing the speed training exercises described in the programs offered by AthleticQuickness.com.

Which bands are the best exercise resistance bands for speed training and why?

Some exercise bands are too weak regardless of what level or resistance you use and, likewise, some bands are too strong regardless of which color you use. After using many different types of resistance bands, the ones I’ve found to be the most effective are the ones produced by a company by the name of CANDO and are provided by AthleticQuickness.com.

The CANDO elastic bands, I believe, most accurately resemble the elasticity in your skeletal muscles. And as a result, this makes them the best exercise resistance bands to use for speed training workouts.

Don’t use just any resistance band just because it is available

As you begin to utilize the CANDO exercise bands that come with our programs, sooner or later you may find yourself needing more bands either because you got stronger using the ones we supplied or, through normal wear and tear, your bands may tear.

When you need more resistance bands, don’t just grab any band that looks good. This would probably be counter-productive, and you may stop realizing the speed gains you have achieved. Again, I’ve tested many types of bands, and some of them are not sufficiently effective for providing the elasticity your muscles need to become quicker. The elastic properties of the Cando exercise band are ideal for training your muscles for speed and quickness.

Getting replacement bands is easy and inexpensive

This is why AthleticQuickness.com provides only the CANDO brand resistance band. Replacement bands are not that expensive and well worth the price when you consider what effect you are trying to gain by using them — speed.
So as you become more familiar with our training programs, we encourage you not to deviate from them in any form … including the types of resistance bands you use.

Always glad to help,

Dr. Larry Van Such

P.S. Remember, resistance band training, the way we teach it, using “CANDO” resistance bands, is by far the most effective way to train your muscles for speed and quickness!


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