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It’s Not Them; It’s Us – Better Coaching With Young Athletes: Brett Klika


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When coaching younger athletes, it isn’t out of the norm for there to be some complications surrounding communication disconnection. These disconnections directly impact how the coach can connect with the child, ultimately hindering or improving their level of skill retention during practices. Many coaches chalk these miscommunications as kids not listening, or a child being uncoordinated. In reality, it is up to the coach to take the time and find ways to effectively communicate with every child to bridge the gap of disconnection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communication disconnect is often a limiting factor in how positive or negative our interactions are with our youngest athletes.
  • Many limitations can be overcome when we focus on how to become better communicators with young children.
  • In only a short time frame, the children’s neuromuscular systems can be better prepared to receive information.

“The swim coach, myself and the host of other parents at the pool knew what she was trying to say.”

Read more: https://iyca.org/better-coaching-young-athletes-brett-klika/


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