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Exercise Predictability, Isometrics, & Partial Reps with Jamie Smith, Part II


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Coach Jamie Smith wants to help athletes through their process by combining methods to improve physical preparation and the ability to adapt to different physical skills. He believes that combining both predictable and unpredictable training approaches is the best way to tax the athletes appropriately and help them reach their goals. In addition, athletes should be taxed both physically and psychologically for the best effect. Read on to learn more about Coach Jamie Smith’s approach to training.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coach Jamie Smith believes that the best workouts combine predicable and unpredicatable situations for the athlete.
  • He thinks that adding unpredictability is one of the best things you can do for training.
  • Read more for tips on how to include unpredictable workouts in your training regime.

“I encourage the partner to be creative with the contact application and explain that no two reps should be alike.”

Read more: https://simplifaster.com/articles/isometrics-partial-reps-jamie-smith/


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