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How to Get Drafted into the NFL

How to Get Drafted into the NFL

Here are the Two Biggest Secrets to Getting Drafted.
Get These Two Right and You Can Make It.

By Mark Parson
NFL Cornerback


Mark Parson: Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints Cornerback

Most people do not know exactly what it takes to make it to the NFL. Well from my personal experience I will tell you how it can be done.

First you will need luck, football IQ and great work ethic. So now that we got that out of the way, let me explain how you can give yourself the best chance to make it and get drafted as well.

The two things that will give you the best chance to make it are to have incredible game film and to run a very fast 40 yard dash.

The amazing thing is if you are running very fast on your game film then you will stand out and the scout will take notice. So really being fast is and should be a huge priority to you.

I had the chance to get a full-ride scholarship to Ohio University and be a 3 year starter. I started getting emails from agents my sophomore year who were just trying to create a relationship because I had a pretty big sophomore year.

From early on, they constantly would tell me how the NFL scouts liked my film, and our team success was helping my chances of being drafted. The main thing they tried to sell me was how I needed to train with the specific speed trainers who they knew and how that would get me the 40 yard dash I needed to get drafted in a good round.

When my senior year came around I knew that I wanted to focus on making sure that my game film was very good and then as soon as the season was over I knew exactly what I needed. I needed a fast 40 yard dash and I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to get it.

You have to understand, in football running a faster 40 yard dash can mean the difference between making millions or not ever touching the field even for a try out. I worked out for about 3 and half months doing strength, conditioning and speed work and also on football skills.

That helped me become a better football player and the scouts noticed.

Now the day of my pro day, I was not very nervous. I actually had an incredible pro day besides one thing. I ran a 4.56 both times and the scouts who all came to see me, turned their heads to our awesome hard hitting safety who wowed the scouts by running a 4.48 while pulling up with 5 yards before finishing the 40.

His stock grew in literally seconds, and he went on to get drafted 2nd round by the Raiders and has had a great career. I ended up getting my shot later on, and having my career and time in the NFL as well but I learned something that day that will help you if you choose to listen.

You can change your athletic career by running faster! My best friend and teammate had a huge signing bonus while I had to fight and claw my way on to the team. I am thankful for this experience because now I can tell my story and help the next person who is searching for that extra help to make it.

When I finally found AthleticQuickness.com I ended up running my fastest 40 yard dash that I have ever ran in my life while in my 2nd year in the NFL. I know that the Run Faster Program says that you get faster in 14 days, but I can honestly say that I felt faster in just 48 hours. I still just waited the full 14 days to time myself to see the results.


I got my personal trainer to time me before and after without even working on my start technique and the time I got shocked me. I went from a 4.56 to running a 4.44 in just 14 days of just 15 minutes a day of something I did while watching television.

When I went back to the Texans OTAs I felt more confident and caught the eye of our defensive back coach. I actually told my NFL buddy Glover Quin about the program and he purchased soon after and experienced the speed boost as well.

He liked the program because of the great hip flexor work that most athletes leave out of their speed and strength training. I know the 15 minutes a day didn’t hurt either!

I believe in the program so much now that I have started a 14 Day Speed Challenge at my high school. I did this for a few reasons, the main one being that I want them to have the speed factor that is so important in any sport. I know that the best way to stand out is to run faster.

I can only say that I am thankful to Dr. Van Such for helping me extend my NFL career longer than what it would have been by creating this program for me and for helping my NFL buddies who all use it.

If you are looking for how to run faster you have found it.

By Mark Parson
NFL Cornerback

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