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Youth football player is fastest on team
How to be a Winner in Youth Football

Pop Warner Football Player Loves Scoring Touchdowns!   One of my patients is a coach for a local Pop Warner football team here in town. His name is Coach Greene, and his 12 year old son was hoping to become the starting running back for the team. The competition was tough, even for his age group, and Coach Greene was looking for ways to make sure his son got his share of the playing time. However, even though he was the coach, he wanted his son to earn this position. He wasn’t just going to give it to him because… read more

Bruce Lee amazing speed and power
Bruce Lee – Fastest and Quickest Athlete Ever?

Bruce Lee “Pound-for-pound one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen …..”     We received a couple of testimonials  regarding Bruce Lee and the martial arts. One was from Jaacob Bowden, a professional golfer with an event record of a 421 yard drive. Jaacob wrote, “The martial artist Bruce Lee is known for being pound-for-pound one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen. Through my research, I found out that isometrics were a big part of his training regimen.   As I was looking for ways to increase my own golf swing… read more

Not for Faster Times in the 40
Faster Times in the 40 Not Because of No Pain – No Gain

NFL Prospects Beware – Speed Disappointments Happen Every February  … the little known secret behind “no pain – no gain”and getting faster times in the 40 …”  Indianapolis, Indiana.  The home of the annual NFL combine that takes place once a year and where the best of college football players display their skills in front of coaches, trainers and scouts. NFL Hopefuls Use Top Athletic Trainers Available Most of these prospects have already hired an agent, who then introduces them to some of the best athletic trainers in the business.  These experts promise the athletes that their conditioning routine is… read more

faster 40 times
Football Coaches and Slow 40 Times

A Letter to Football Coaches About Your Disappointing 40 Yard Dash Times Are You the Problem? Dear Football Coach, Your offensive and defensive teams are just minutes away from improving their team speed in the 40-yard dash time by a minimum of 1.1 seconds!!  What’s holding them back?  Is it you? Recently, a coach commented on our hip flexor exercise video with the following: “Okay, how is it that the hip flexors are that important?!” “You’re propelled forward by pushing down against the ground.  Though you need to get your other leg up quickly, it isn’t against resistance, so it… read more

how to improve kicking distance
Wow! That Guy has a Strong Kicking Leg

WOW! THAT GUY HAS A STRONG LEG! Why is the smallest guy on the team getting credit for havingthe strongest leg on the team? Attention Football Kickers and Soccer Players –   Kick farther and run faster than ever before –  Get started with your own Speed Training Program   We’ve all seen and heard it before. You are watching a good football game, and a punter, backed up into his own end zone, drills a 70 yarder dashing any hope of the opposing team working with a short field. Or, just before halftime or the end of a game, a… read more

Train for speed and strength separately
Why You Must Train for Speed and Strength Separately

You Need Both Speed and Strength  and Why They Must Be Trained Separately You can not train for speed the same way you train for strength,  and you must understand the difference – because your muscles will know the difference ….. In other words, if you think you are training for speed, and your muscles think you are training for strength, your muscles will be right every time! So what is the answer for getting faster muscles? Let me clarify this a little bit more before going on. If you remember from anatomy, all skeletal muscles consist of two main… read more

Why speed training programs are not working
Why Most Speed Training Programs Do Not Deliver

Why Most ‘Speed’ Training Programs Don’t Deliver As Advertised ….. I’m always intrigued when I see or read about some new way to train your muscles specifically for speed. Very recently, I was watching television, and the people were demonstrating how they would train their muscles to get faster. The exercises they were showing consisted of the following: 1) One exercise consisted of a large resistance band. The band was fixed to something on the wall and the person (facing the wall as well) was pulling the bands with both hands back towards them (similar to a rowing motion on… read more

Baseball training in mid-season
Training in Mid-Season

Can I start speed training in mid-season, achieve great results and improve my skills, all in less than 2 weeks? 3 proven reasons you can do speed training in mid-season and improve your performance within days! One of the questions we often receive deals with a concern people have about doing something new and different in the middle of an ongoing season. It does not matter whether your sport is baseball, basketball, soccer or football. Let’s take football for example. As I write this article, we are right in the middle of the season, and a lot of head coaches,… read more

The running process - push phase
Secrets to Faster Running Speed

Little Known Secrets of Speed Training That Will Make You Faster in Days   Part 1 – Secrets to Getting Faster – The Push Phase Part 2 – Secrets to Getting Faster – The Swing Phase Part 3 – Secrets to Getting Faster – The Pull Phase Part 4 – Exercises for Speed   I am going to teach a series of articles that I call speed training secrets and show you what are some of the biggest reasons why so many of you today are struggling to get faster in your sport. The information I am going to share… read more

Speed Training program helps set new meet record
How Anthony Chesson Broke 200m Meet Record

Breaks 200m meet record held by an NFL Pro Bowl Star Reduces Personal Best Time by Full Second! Anthony Chesson of Midlothian, Virginia was already very fast. In fact he started the 2006 year ranked 2nd in his state in the 200 meters. He then included the speed training strategy of using isometrics with resistance bands as taught by the AthleticQuickness.com RUN FASTER speed training program into his workout. Anthony reported, “It helped me take a full second off 200m times.” His personal best time in the 200m had been 22.14 seconds.  Shortly after starting the AthleticQuickness.com  RUN FASTER training program, his best time… read more

How International Basketball Star Took Game to New Levels

International Pro Athlete Takes his Game to Never Before Seen Levels of Performance. Uses the AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training and is Shocked to Discover How Much He Had Left! Within the last year I have traveled around the world from San Luis Potosi Mexico to Adana, Mersin, Tarsus, and Instanbul Turkey furthering my career as a professional basketball player.The hard work I put in had given me a great deal of athleticism, but I wanted to find a way to become not just a great athlete, but a FREAKISH ATHLETE! Sets Goal of 44 inch Vertical and Speed Increase I set… read more

Exercise machines and speed training
Why this Crucial Running Speed Muscle is Ignored?

When It Comes To Speed, Even The Best Weight Machines In Your Gym Will Disappoint You ……….. And The Only Weight Machine In The Gym For The Most Important Muscle in Running Speed Is Never Used By Guys I like lifting weights.  I try to get to the YMCA about four times a week.  I am usually there for about an hour.  In between sets, I like talking to people along with watching some of the basketball games taking place. The other day I was there and a friend of mine, whom I’ve known for about a year now, asked… read more

Include speed training in your strength program
How to Include Speed and Strength Training In Your Workouts

“How do I include the AthleticQuickness.com  Speed Training Program into my existing strength training routine?”   This is the question I hear more than any other.  Because strength training can interfere with results of pure speed training, many athletes are asking how they should structure their workouts to take advantage of both strength training and speed training. 8 Tips for Including a Speed Training Program into Your Strength Training Routine Remember, muscles have two distinct fiber types – fast twitch for muscle speed and slow twitch for muscle strength. These different fiber types cannot be separated apart from each other… read more

What is muscle confusion
What is Muscle Confusion?

What really is Muscle Confusion? The complete answer may just surpise you! Most people would define the term Muscle Confusion as changes in one’s workout routine every couple of weeks to prevent plateaus from occurring and to keep your muscles continually growing and responding. Changes in your workout may be something as simple as this: You may be working your chest with the straight bar for incline presses, decline presses and flat bench presses for about 4 weeks.  You stop with those, and not only introduce 3 new chest exercises with dumbbells such as incline flies, decline flies and flat… read more

Strong leg for kicking
How to Get a Strong Kicking Leg

“WOW! THAT GUY HAS A STRONG LEG!” Why is the smallest guy on the team getting credit for having the strongest leg on the team? We’ve all seen and heard of it before. You are there watching a good football game, and a punter, backed-up into his own end zone, drills a 70 yarder dashing any hope of the opposing team working with a short field. Or, just before halftime or the end of a game, a place kicker nails a 55+ yarder. And what is it that we hear from the announcers? “Wow, that guy has a strong leg!”… read more

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