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As an athlete, no matter what your game is, you want to get better and better at it. To achieve this worthwhile goal, you need to aim for two diverse goals strength and speed. Unfortunately, many athletes labor under the misapprehension that strength training will somehow by osmosis lead to better speed. This is a fallacy, which dooms its adherents to failure in the speed department. There is a justifiable reason for this. Muscle fibers are of two variants. One type is designed to work against heavy resistance. This fiber type increases strength. The other fiber type contracts, creating speed. This type requires a different sort of training than the heavy-resistance requirements of the strength-producing fibers. Fortunately, with no special equipment and just a moderate amount of allocated daily time, it is very possible to train those speed-specific fibers to greatly enhance your speed and thereby up your game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assuming that strength training will equal gains in speed is actually faulty thinking that will not lead to success.
  • The reason is that muscles fibers for strength, which move against heavy resistance, are distinct from muscle fibers that contract for speed.
  • Using no special equipment, and in just minutes a day, it’s possible to train the speed-specific muscle fibers of your body to gain more speed.

“If you want to succeed in your sport and take your game to new levels you will need to get faster, much faster!”

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