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Carl B.

England Soccer Player
“Absolutely blown away by how good this has been.”

200m high school sprint champion

Anthony Chesson

Breaks 200m meet record set by NFL Pro-Bowler

All State High School Football Receiver

Greg W.

All State Wide Receiver
“The only training that increased speed. We’re total believers in your system.”

New Zealand Soccer Player


New Zealand Soccer
“… huge results… strongly recommend the program to any soccer player!”

Basketball player dunking a ball


Dealing with hamstring injury. “I never thought it would work that well.”

Basketball player using isometric training jump program

Terrill Wyche

Adds 5 inches to standing vertical jump.

Soccer champion using isometric kicking program

10 Year Old Soccer Player

Taking longer strides and getting to the ball quicker. Now excited to do the exercises even more.

C. Cox

High School 100m Hurdles
Legs were strong but no speed gains. Uses AQ and beats speed goal by full second – Coaches thrilled!

Curtis Mitchell

World Championships Moscow – 200m Bronze Medal
“Exercises are really a game changer!”

Champion Pole Vaulter

Dominique E.

Injury prevents training – Uses AQ Training and is faster & higher than before.

Mr. Football State of Tennessee

David Jones

Voted best HS Football player in Tennessee. 4 year D1 scholarship.
“This program has been the backbone of… my achievements”

800m middle distance runner


College Sophomore
Tries hard to get faster for a year with no results. Uses AQ training for 3 weeks and runs all time best in 800m.

Intercepting pass in end zone

James Thabuteau

University Cornerback
Stops lifting weights with quad injury – uses AQ Speed Training instead – Drops 40 by .2

NFL Strength Coach New Orleans Saints

Charles Byrd

NFL (Super Bowl Saints) Strength Coach
“We have seen some unbelievable results….speed has improved dramatically.”

NFL Professional Wide Receiver

Billy McMullen

Former NFL Receiver
“It’s the best program out there.”

Ranked #2 nationally in men's masters 55m.

Allan Robinson

Ranked #2 nationally in masters 55m.
“Your program was the key to my success.”

Watch daughter’s 1st 200m after using Run Faster program

Long Drive Golf Champion

Warren Bankston

Long Drive Champion
“Your program is the best! – its not just a story, it actually works!”

Professional Golfer

Jacob Bowden

Founder Swing Man Golf
Hits event record 421 yard drive and qualifies for World Long Drive Championships.

Strength Coach for University South Dakota

Jevon Bowman

University South Dakota
Strength Coach

Fastest elite players use training for 1 week, drop 40 time by nearly .1 sec.

High school football player using speed training program

Josh Harrison

40 time was so fast he thought he ran a 30!

High School 100m Track Athlete

Josh W.

High School 100m
Works out hard every day & gets no results. Uses AQ Speed Training and reaches speed goal in 2 weeks.

Portugal Soccer Player

Tiago Coelho
Portugal Soccer

“Improved my sprinting speed and agility in ways I couldn’t imagine”

State Champion Baseball Player

Mick Baker

All State Honors
Goes from 2nd string sub batting 9th to State Champion batting 4th with .377 ave. and RBI leader!

International Basketball Professional

Randy Booker

International Pro
“My Speed is faster and I jump higher then ever!!”

NFL Cornerback New Orleans Saints

Mark Parson

NFL Cornerback
“In one week… I ran my fastest 40 ever!”

College champion athlete

Darrell Wesh

ACC 200m Gold Medal
2 Time All American

“The program has turned me into a national caliber athlete”

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