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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.

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What is the Speed Training Secret to Condition Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for Quick and Powerful Contractions?

Targeting your fast twitch muscle fibers properly is key to speed and quickness

The key to the effectiveness of these programs is their ability to isolate and strengthen very quickly and easily the specific muscle groups and the fast twitch muscle fiber types that are responsible for quick and powerful reactions.

The AthleticQuickness exercise programs are 'pure' speed training programs, because unlike others, these programs do not mix endurance training with speed training. They have one objective only, and that is to condition your muscles for blazing speed and quickness.

What is the most effective way to condition fast twitch muscle fibers?

We have found that the most effective way to condition your muscles for speed is by combining the dynamic properties of resistance bands (the more you stretch them the more resistance they provide) with an isometric exercise that is performed for a short duration of time.

This technique, as explained in our manuals, will cause muscles to use more and more of their muscle motor units, some perhaps for the first time, allowing your muscles to achieve a state of maximum contraction very safely and effectively.
The end result is that the entire muscle matures very quickly, and does so without adding additional body weight to potentially slow you down. Your muscles will work more efficiently giving you added speed and quickness.

When these exercises are performed on specific muscles in the body that are underdeveloped for speed the results can literally be mindboggling!

By combining isometrics with the resistance band, gives you easy to use and highly effective speed training exercise programs that deliver speed, agility, power, and quickness at very low costs.
And you may not even break a sweat!

run faster program

run faster programis based upon the use of simple isometric exercises with the resistance band and delivers perhaps the most cost effective sprint training for sports athletes available today.


kick farther program

The Kick Farther soccer training program is specially designed for soccer players who want to kick the ball harder and farther and to run faster

4 of the 8 exercises will help with running speed and lateral movement as well as kicking power.

baseball swing faster program

The Swing Faster baseball training program will add distance and power to your hits by increasing the speed of your baseball swing. The program also includes exercises to throw and pitch faster and to increase running speed.

Jump higher program

The Jump Higher basketball training program will increase the contraction velocity of your jumping muscles. Allowing you to jump higher than ever before. Reach amazing heights in 14 days!


Tennis  Training Exercises

The Tennis Speed program - Serve faster, return harder and move quicker by unlocking speed in your serves, forehands and backhands. Includes exercises for sprint speed and side to side quickness to more quicky approach the net and chase down balls.


Hit longer drives in golf

The Drive Longer Golf training program will increase your club head speed. You will drive longer and add distance to your shots in 14 days!

Martial arts speed

The Martial Arts speed program will increase your striking speed, kicking power, blocking quickness, and core agility. 28 exercises tone, quicken, and strengthen muscles in your lower body, upper body and core.

Perfect for any martial arts program or anyone who desires a complete full body workout!

If you are serious about speed, quickness and power, this may be just what you are looking for.  Say goodbye to not being quite good enough, as you can compete with the fastest and quickest athletes.

All products come with a one year 100% guarantee full refund if not satisfied - no questions asked.

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  • Even if you are in mid-season - you will see results in your speed and abilities in under 14 days.
  • Run Faster, Jump Higher, Kick Harder and Swing Faster
  • No Risk - Guaranteed results - or 100% refund.
  • Requires just a few minutes each day
  • No weights or set up required
  • Exercises can be done practically anywhere, any time
  • Great for all ages, all body types, and all levels of competition
  • Raise your athletic performance to the next level by increasing your speed and quickness!

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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.
Discover how easy it will be to do what athletes have struggled with their entire careers - Become faster than ever before.

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Explode Past Your Opponent in Any Sport!

improves 40 time by .3 seconds Football player improves 40 by 3 tenths of a second; 100 by 4 tenths of a second.

“This program cannot even be described in words, how amazing the results are and how much it has changed my life in almost everyway!!!

It improved my 40 time 3 TENTHS OF A SECOND!!! AND KNOCKED OFF 4 TENTHS OF A SECOND in my 100 yard dash!!!! This program is INCREDIBLE and I would recommend this to anyone who has thought of getting faster for just a slpit second!!

I can't wait untill next football season to show off my new speed! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!”
Alex – Naperville, Il.

Fastest player on the team Football, Track and Basketball Player - Now one of the fastest on the team.

"I back this product 100%. As I am Sudanese, I am a great distance runner, but not very fast, and this product is getting me there. I've tried lifting, jumping rope, and doing cone and ladder drills to get faster, but I did NOT gain much speed.

I found this speed training program while looking online for ways to get faster with a friend who has also gotten a lot faster, as well.

I am now one of the fastest players on my football team and continuing to get faster.

I can make moves on the basketball court that I couldn't before and I'm about two weeks of training away from grabbing the rim. VERY exciting for me!

Jal P.- UT

“I have been trying everything to get my forty time down. I was blessed to get the opportunity to play college football with my forty being around 5.3 as a receiver coming out of high school.

After 4 years of hard work I got it down to about 4.85 which is what someone timed me at 2 weeks ago. I did the workout for 2 weeks and amazingly dropped my time to the mid 4.5's!! I wish I had this program years ago. Thank you!! “

Jason - University Park, IL

"I recently had my first cage fight and the hip flexor stretching paid off big time. The quickness was impeccable! I was able to apply my counter moves without any problems."

"While my son has excelled at football for a couple of years we knew that he needed to improve his speed going into this past season.

Last December I purchased your "Sprint - Faster" program. He is 10 years old and in 4 months we doubled his speed.

Doubled!!!! He had his best season...he was light on his feet, had good straight ahead speed and played linebacker and carried the ball successfully. He plays and acts like a new kid. Thank you."

Phillip S. - Downers Grove, IL

"I have what I consider wonderful success with the bands. Here's my story - At 52 I started doing triathlons on a lark...someone challenged me and of course I responded! I was horrible, finished 208 out 220 male finishers.

But I still got hooked and after 10 more tri's over a 2 year period I had steadily gotten faster. My weakness was the run off the bike on tired legs. In the off season I have been doing half marathons and road races. I found that I could keep a pace forever but really didn't have that high end kick to finish.

I went on the internet and came across your website and it made sense to me. So I followed your program for 5.5 weeks then ran a personal best for a half marathon. I was estatic but thought it was due to my track work and I really didn't try to kick it at the end.

I had my first triathlon 2 weeks later and wanted to still be fresh! Another 1.5 weeks of band work then taper for the tri. My usual tri results of last season were top 25% swim - 10% bike - bottom 20% run... with overall being a little over 55% for my age group and overall tri.

This time it was different on the run I was 1 minute and 16 seconds faster per mile than my best time last season ( my times always have gone down over the 5 month season). So needless the say I was pumped!

My first podium finish in my age group - 1st and top third overall!!!!

Look I am still a big guy 6' 3" and 220 lbs .... I was 35 lbs heavier than anyone eslse who won a medal and was almost the oldest!!!!

But this was the first time I felt I could kick ... the quarter was extremely fast for me!!!"

Alan P.

"Started your golf program beginning February. Had been clocked by Bridgestone Golfball group at 89mph on 45 in driver in late January.

Saw steady progress each week up to 92-95, 95-98. Happy as kid in candy shop. Using Medicus Power Meter for speed measure.

Interesting that I really see I can hit max speed with "easy" feeling no tension swing, extending completely, vs my previous shorter strained effort. Am 70, 16 handicap. Very pleased with rope holder in door frame."

Bob R. - Estero, FL.

"OK, I have to say that I did not believe this would work at all, and i definitely didn't think it would work like it did ... enough of the bs, I'ma just cut to the chase ... I thought I was fast enough to where this wouldn't work; but, damn was I wrong. I went from running a 4.45 to a, waiiit for it waaaiiiiit for iiiiiiiit ... a 4.27 in the 40 yard dash, consistently. I would tell more people, but I'm too selfish. I wanna stay above everyone else I'm around (haha) but thanks guys.. Y'al are freakin genuises."

D. P. - Mississippi

"I bought your #1 Golf Training Programme last year and
I have been very pleased with it. Indeed, I have managed to
increase my clubhead speed by 10mph as a result."

Jim K.

"Thank you so much for making the Athletic Quickness program. I feel like I can run so much faster now.

Out of all the exercises I have tried, these are the best. It feels like I could run five miles per hour faster after about 10 minutes of the exercises.

I have been doing it for a while now and am ready to get a stronger resistance band. I use a blue one now.

Back in summer, I came in second for a 100 meter dash thanks to your program. It was in a Junior Olympics event.

If I did not buy the program I would not be where I am now, nor would I be faster than my friends. I feel you deserve a big thanks for making this program."

Ryan - OH

Basketball coach encourages run faster programBasketball Coach encourages players to use the Run Faster program.
"I encourage all of my basketball players to use the Run Faster training. I have seen first hand the dramatic effects it has on my players speed. We didn't have this in the NBA when I played. Thanks Dr. Van Such"

Dennis Hopson
Former NBA player, scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, Ohio State All American, and assistant coach at Northwood University.

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