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Your Hamstrings Are Weak, That’s Why You’re Slow!


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How many times have you pulled your hamstring when running…? TOO MANY !! Start doing Nordic curls twice a week to cut those injuries and strengthen your hamstring! 🤔But how does a stronger hamstring make you faster? Good question, athlete. A stronger hamstring can mean faster muscle contraction speed, making your turnover faster. ⭐Turnover is the term used to describe how long it takes your leg to touch the ground again when running. ⭐ So, use this underrated exercise and see the results for yourself!!

This one movement will transform your sprinting performance. What muscle gets injured the most in track events? If you guess the hamstring you are correct.

Over 90% of hamstring injuries are from weak hamstrings. The Athlete’s hamstring cannot withstand the high force from extending and flexing the leg at fast speeds.

Weak hamstrings lead to injuries. Over my 25 plus years of experience in the sports industry Nordic curls are the best exercise I’ve come across for strengthening the hamstrings. They may look easy but looks can be deceiving.

Nordic curls are one of the most challenging exercises to achieve a full range of motion. So start by going as low as you can before dropping and repeat this in three sets of 10 reps twice a week.

And if you struggle to get much range of motion at all, start by using an elastic band as shown. So incorporate Nordic curls in your training to prevent injury next time you race.

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