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Is the Guru Always Right? – Brett Klika


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Many people employ words of wisdom from strength and conditioning coaches into their own programs. This can work out well, but sometimes the context is different enough that the implementation is a bad idea. Here are some examples of general advice that might not work for your own setting. For example, using medicine balls is a time-honored tradition, but they can be dangerous for use with young children. Consider advice carefully before implementing it in your own programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes implementing suggestions from big names in your field can lead to success, but not always.
  • There are some ideal cases where these activities are great, but they’re not so great in real-world applications.
  • Here are some common activities that are often touted, but may not be the best for kids.

“Assuming the problem was on my side (a guru would never lead me wrong), I often continued to torpedo my program with these strategies that weren’t really working for me or my athletes, but were apparently the “right” thing to do.”

Read more: https://iyca.org/is-the-guru-always-right-brett-klika/


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