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Give this single leg squat exercise a try and see the speed gains for yourself

If you’re struggling to run faster, it may be your quads! You see, doing your squats and leg extensions can cause imbalances in your quads. This damages the amount of power your leg releases when running.

But doing this under-two-minute remedy, known as single leg squats, every leg day will fix it. Single leg squats, also known as pistol squats, can help you run faster by improving balance, stability and muscle power.

They strengthen your quadriceps which makes your stride more powerful in the push phase. Additionally they contribute to injury prevention and a better running economy. But always remember to overload muscle to see speed and strength gains.

Single leg squats will make you faster on the track faster than barbell squats every will. So If you’re not making speed gains doing squats and leg extensions, then give this remedy a try.


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