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3 Tips to Keep Workouts Engaging For Young Athletes


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If you are a young athlete and are getting bored of your workouts, you’ll have to be creative to keep them engaging and fun. First, switch up your routine. Try to change the number of reps and sets per exercise you do, and change the amount of weights you’re lifting. Next, do different types of exercises and work out different muscles daily. This will not only let your muscles heal properly, but it’ll make for a fresher routine. Finally, for cardio purposes do something fun like play tag or play dodgeball.

Key Takeaways:

  • To keep workouts engaging, you need to change them up. Switch up the amount of sets, reps and amount of weights you use for exercising.
  • Make sure to rotate accessory exercises this way you can always keep things fresh. You shouldn’t be working out the same muscles daily anyway.
  • Get creative with your cardio and also the burnout ending of your cardio regime. Do things that are fun such as playing dodgeball or playing tag.

“For the older athletes, we use higher volume workouts earlier in the offseason. That means more sets and reps of the bigger lifts. As we move through the program, we’ll increase the intensity.”

Read more: https://www.stack.com/a/3-tips-to-keep-workouts-engaging-for-young-athletes


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