Dramatically Improve Speed
and outPerform in
every sport

When should I do the training exercises?

It doesn’t matter what time of day you do the training exercises. You will respond best to the exercises if you do them at approximately the same time each day.

It’s best to not do the training exercises too close to the beginning or the end of a practice session. For example, if you have practice sessions in the morning, do the training exercises at least 6 hours later; or, if your practice sessions are in the afternoon, do the training exercise at least 6 hours earlier in the morning.

The training exercises can be done during anytime of the year … during off-season or in-season. Normally, however, it’s best to allow two full days of rest from doing the training exercises before competing. Allowing recovery time between training and competing enables new and improved muscular contraction speed to be available when needed.

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