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Speed Training Lessons – What You Should Know

Tennis Serve Muscles – Back Swing

Include isometrics with Bands in Workout

Baseball Bat Swing Speed – Follow Through

Baseball Bat Swing Speed – Launch Phase

Baseball Bat Swing Speed – Loading Phase

Baseball Bat Swing Speed – Stance

Isometric training

What is Isometrics Training

plyometric training

What is Plyometrics Training

weight training

Muscle Contraction Types – Part 2

Muscle contraction types

Muscle Contraction Types – Part 1

Golf swing speed muscles

What are the Golf Swing Muscles

Best exercise resistance bands

Best Resistance Bands for Speed Training Workouts

Increase running vertical jump

How to Increase Running Vertical Jump

fast twitch muscle fibers

How to Condition Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Leg muscles help sprint speed

How Can Leg Muscles be Trained So You Sprint Faster?

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NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 Ever!

runs fastest 40
AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Mark Parson

NFL Cornerback Runs Fastest 40 After One Week of Training

Breaking Records

AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Anthony Chesson

Breaks 200m Southern Classic record set by NFL Pro-Bowler

Becomes 2 Time All American!


AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Darrell Wesh

ACC 200m Gold Medal
HS 60m National Champion
2 Time Collegiate All American

Goes From 2nd String Sub to State Honors!


AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Mick Baker

Smallest player, batting 4th, leads team to Iowa State Championship, Named Tournament RBI Leader

Shocked at How Much He Had Left!

AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Randy Booker

"Shocked at how quickly I got results... and how I, an experienced top level athlete, had ignored these important muscles."