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Speed Training Program

"Though I train with all the things that most train with for Vertical Jump and Speed..., I was shocked at how quickly I got results from just doing this program for 2 weeks and how I, an experienced top level athlete, had ignored these important muscles." - International Basketball Professional.

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Jump Higher training manual

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Speed Training Program

Immediate online access to the training manual and exercise videos. View on all devices. Downloadable.


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Speed Training Program

30 page Training Manual
2 bands - 1 light (red) & 1 heavy (blue)


Optional: JUMP HIGHER CD and Wall Chart - Video demonstrations of each exercise plus quick reference wall chart.

Door Anchor For Band

Makes finding a secure place to attach the band easy and convenient. The height of the door anchor can be easily adjusted to accommodate any of the lower body or upper body exercises. More Details


Order Extra Bands or
Training Manuals without Bands

Order extra bands of various resistance levels or Order multiple manuals without bands and use the same bands for all programs. All bands come in lengths of 5 feet.