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Bonus #1:
The After Burner Video
How to get additional speed and performance by modifying the exercises.

After you have been training for a few weeks, the free AfterBurner video will show you how to make modifications to the speed training exercises. These modifications will add variations to your muscle training and take you to even higher levels of running speed, jumping, lateral quickness and kicking power.

The link to this video will be emailed to you about 3 weeks after your purchase.


We are on the look out for leaders in sports training. We only recommend those we believe are well qualified to give you great advice.


Bonus #2:

The Courage To Win In Sport Mental Toughness Program
by Lisa Lane Brown
Breakthrough Confidence: The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Learn As An Athlete

In this free 17 page guide you will learn the single most important mental process to getting and keeping breakthrough confidence in your sport so you can deliver astonishing and flawless performances under pressure every time.

Bonus #4:
How To Build Champion Sprinters
by Latif Thomas
Training for the 200 Meter

Latif Thomas, coach of champion sprint teams, goes over the mechanics, phases and training to be a champion in the 200m.

Bonus #5:
How to Add Distance To Your Drives
by Jaacob Bowden
10 Quick Tips for Longer Drives

Jaacob has won the Pinnacle Long Drive Challenge with a televised drive of 381 yards. He increased his own swing speed by 26 mph in 37 days while training for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. What he has learned about golf took him from an average length hitting 14-handicapper to Long Drive Champion and Professional Golfer making cuts in tournaments in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Bonus #6:
10 Commandments for Sports Parents
by Craig Sigl
How to Become a great sports parent

10 things for sports parents to learn. For example: How to repond to your youth’s performance; What to say and when to talk about their frustrations or give advice; How to deal with fairness; How to prepare them for difficult situations; How to deal with coaches; Balancing competition and pressure; Getting youth to think big.

Sigl’s mission is to help kids delete limiting belief and replace it with unstoppable confidence.

Bonus #7:
Tips on Sprinting Technique by Track Coach to Olympic Champions
by Tom Tellez
How to achieve and maintain top speed

Tom Tellez has coached olympic stars and gold medalists including 8 time gold medalist Carl Lewis. In this video he gives you tips on proper running technique to help maximize your sprint speed.

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