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Speed Training – What You Should Know

Become a better athlete

How To Become a Faster and Better Player in Days – Not Weeks or Months

Workouts for the hip joint

Most Powerful Joint in Sports is Under Trained

Improve Sports Performance with muscle speed

How to Increase Muscle Speed in Days

Become an All Star Athlete

Why you are not faster

Why You Are Not Faster No Matter How Much You Workout

running speed and body torques

How Body Torques Give Faster Running Speed

Baseball Swing Speed Exercise

Baseball Swing Speed Exercises

Kicking and hip flexors

Kicking Power and Hip Flexors

Athletes getting great results

Why This Speed Training Workout Gives Great Results

Resistance band exercises

Resistance Band Exercises for Speed

The running process - swing phase

Secrets to Running Speed – The Swing Phase

How Darrell Wesh Won 60m National Gold

Run a faster 40 in football

How NFL Cornerback Sprinted Fastest 40 in One Week

Meet Developer of the Speed Training Programs

How 2nd String Sub Became All State Baseball Champion

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Videos Teach 4 Phases of Running and How to Get Faster in Each Phase
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Anthony Chesson

Breaks 200m Southern Classic record set by NFL Pro-Bowler

NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 Ever!

runs fastest 40

Mark Parson

NFL Cornerback Runs Fastest 40 After One Week of Training

Use All 5 Body Torques For Faster Running Speed

Learn about the 5 Torques For Faster Speed as taught to Jamaican Olympic Sprinters

Becomes 2 Time All American!


Darrell Wesh

ACC 200m Gold Medal
HS 60m National Champion
2 Time Collegiate All American

Goes From 2nd String Sub to State Honors!


Mick Baker

Smallest player, batting 4th, leads team to Iowa State Championship, Named Tournament RBI Leader

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Randy Booker

"Shocked at how quickly I got results... and how I, an experienced top level athlete, had ignored these important muscles."