Dramatically Improve Speed
and outPerform in
every sport

What are these exercises? What do they do?

The AQSpeed training exercises by AthleticQuickness.com use an isometric training strategy combined with resistance bands to condition muscles, tendons and nervous systems for speed, acceleration and quickness as opposed to adding strength or endurance.

The programs are based on the understanding that muscles have characteristics of speed, strength, and endurance and therefore should to be trained for speed and quickness separately and differently from strength and endurance training.

The exercises are designed specifically to train muscles for sports skills like running faster, jumping higher, swinging a bat, tennis racket or golf club, and throwing and kicking – all with greater speed and power. The exercises can also be adapted for most other sports skills.

These exercises are used to condition muscles and nervous systems for speed and quickness. They should be used as part of a complete sports training program that includes skill development, coordination, strength building and endurance training as appropriate for the sport and the individual.

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