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Why spread the exercises over different days? Can’t we complete them all in one day, since we are working different body parts? Will I be overworking them if I do it this way?

The training schedule provided in the manual is designed to benefit the majority of athletes while maintaining safety with the exercises. Certainly there will be individuals who might benefit even more by altering this schedule; however, we don’t track changes that individuals have made, nor do we track the results.

As with most exercise routines, trial and error would seem to be the only way to know for sure if any changes would be beneficial. Furthermore, it should be noted that any claim regarding the effectiveness of the training programs is based squarely on the instructions in the training program manual. This is not to say that certain changes or modifications won’t work.

If there is a particular exercise or two you feel could use more training than the recommended number of times per day, then you can go ahead and perform it an extra time without any problem. However, it is recommended that you don’t do this for all the exercises each day, because that would add several extra minutes to your training and may inadvertently start to turn this speed and quickness training into endurance training.

We are interested in any feedback about the effectiveness of any changes you make so that we may include them in future responses to similar questions.

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