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Jackie Bradley Jr. Robbed a Walk-Off HR in Mind-Blowing Fashion

The Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles were in the middle of a long 11th inning baseball game when Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini came up to bat. Mancini hit a potential home run at the bottom of the 11th inning that would’ve ended the game, but Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. jumped the outfield wall and caught the ball. The Red Sox scored a run the next inning and ended up winning the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jackie Bradley’s arm is already a celebrity in it’s own right, being the reason Bradley got a Golden Glove award on 2018.
  • However, Bradley and his Golden Glove arm got a giant jolt upwards in status when he stopped Mancini of the Orioles from getting what looked like an obvious home run.
  • Bradley grabbed the ball, even though gawkers pegged it to speed past the fence by a good three to four feet.

“With the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox knotted at 1-1 in the bottom of the 11th inning, Mancini smashed a drive to left center.”

Read more: https://www.stack.com/a/jackie-bradley-jr-robbed-a-walk-off-hr-in-mind-blowing-fashion

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