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Speed Training Video Series
4 Part
Video Series

How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.

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Speed Training Programs

How To Easily and Effectively Condition Muscles for Speed and Quickness.

Precisely target the correct muscles involved in an athletic activity and the proper muscle fiber types that are responsible for quick and powerful reactions. is committed to help any athlete achieve their athletic goals of speed and quickness.
We are bringing EVERYONE a simple, low cost, yet effective cutting-edge speed training program that is designed to do just one thing - make your muscles fast.

You may have used various types of soccer drills, football, basketball or baseball agility drills, or any other drills for speed training, however the speed and quickness exercise programs developed by Dr. Larry Van Such are unique athletic training programs designed to quickly and effectively increase running speed and agility, as well as power and quickness in almost any sports activity.

These Speed Training programs will precisely target the correct muscles involved in an athletic activity and the proper muscle fiber types that are responsible for quick and powerful muscle contractions. Years of classroom study and athletic experience have resulted in the development of isometric exercising techniques that are specially designed for improving sport specific athletic performance. 

Achieve Athletic Excellence

In 14 days you will experience significant improvements in muscle speed not only in competition but also in the speed training drills you may be familiar with. Whether it's baseball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf or any other sport where it is critical to improve running speed, agility, quickness or power, our speed and agility training exercise programs will absolutely raise your level of performance.

All of the speed and agility exercise drills utilize the resistance band and it's unique resistance properties throughout the entire program as an isometric tool.

The resistance band using an isometric training strategy the way we teach it, is the absolute ideal means to quickly and easily isolate, strengthen, and quicken the various muscle groups and fast twitch muscle fibers that are used in specific athletic activities or drills that require speed, quickness, agility, and power.

Because of the nature of the isometric program these speed training exercises are safe and effective for any athlete at any level of competition...beginner, youth, high school, collegiate, male or female and any age group.

Experience training that precisely targets the correct muscles and muscle fiber types responsible for quick and powerful reactions.

Each package contains everything you need to get started, including 2 resistance bands. There is no other equipment needed, and all of the exercises can be performed almost anywhere and at anytime in just a few minutes each day.

Increasing speed and quickness does not and should not need to be laborious and difficult. These exercise programs are simple yet effective and safe. They bring results that will really astound you and your friends and amaze your competition.

Guaranteed results in 14 days! No other speed training exercises or drills on the market today can match this offer.

"I like to run sprints to keep in shape.

Lately I've been sprinting 70 yards. My personal record this year as a worn out 41 year old guy was 9.91 seconds.

Last night after 6 days on the program I ran a 9.12 and it felt effortless. Weird is more like it.

It was like I was transported back to my senior year of high school with fresh legs and speed.

My top end speed after 20 or so yards was outrageous. I'm guessing my first 10 took 2 seconds. The old knees take a second to wake up! The new time came all after the first 20. Unbelievable."

Barry Martin - Idaho

Sport Specific Speed Training Programs

The Run Faster Program will increase running speed, agility, quickness, and lateral mobility! Great for football speed and faster 40 times.

The Kick Farther training is specially designed for soccer players who want to kick the ball harder and farther and to run faster. 4 of the 8 exercises will help with sprint speed and lateral mobility as well as kicking power.

The Swing Faster baseball speed training will increase the speed of your baseball swing, and add distance and power to your hits! Includes exercises that will allow you to throw and pitch faster and sprint faster!

The Jump Higher basketball training will increase the contraction velocity of your jumping muscles. Allowing you to jump higher than ever before!

The Drive Longer Golf swing speed exercises will increase the club head speed of your golf swing. Allowing you to drive longer and add distance to your shots.

The Tennis Speed Training Exercises will unlock powerful serves, crushing returns plus court speed and quickness by training for speed all of the muscles used in your tennis strokes plus sprinting and lateral quickness.

The Marital Arts Speed Training Development Program - Designed for Mixed Martial Arts. 28 exercises tone, quicken and strengthen muscles in your lower body, upper body and core. Perfect for any Martial Arts training or anyone desiring a complete full body workout.

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"Explode Past Your Opponent in Any Sport!"

"I just wanted to tell you that the program is working great. It has already changed my time from a 4.9 to a 4.6.

I recommend this program to anyone who needs to improve their speed and quickness."

D.J. - South Pittsburg, TN

"I am extremely satisfied with my products that I have purchased from your website."

A.R. - Virginia

"Isometric training with the resistance band, as demonstrated in this video, is the most effective way to get faster!"
"After you have completed the exercises you may begin to notice a lighter 'feel' or 'springy' feeling to your body. This is the type of feeling you can begin to expect with isometric training. Compare this with the tired heavy feeling following weight training and you will soon realize the advantages of this remarkable speed training strategy."

Run Faster
Soccer speed exercises
Run Faster and Kick Farther

Swing Faster and Throw Harder

jump higher - increase vertical leap
Jump Higher

Golf clubhead speed isometric exercises
Drive Longer

Tennis Speed Exercises
Server Faster, Return Harder, Move Quicker

Marital Arts Speed Development
Increase Stricking Power, Kicking Speed, Blocking Quickness, and Core Agility



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