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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.

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A very important message about improving your ability to jump higher to dunk and ...

Grab More Rebounds Using Our Exercises to Jump Higher

No amount of jumping exercises, workouts at the gym or mental visualizations will maximize your jumping ability if you are not including this one workout in your training routine!

Is your workout program missing these essential yet always ignored vertical jump exercises?

Even if you are already the highest jumper around there is still plenty of untapped speed in your muscles that can deliver even higher jumps and more explosive leaps. Yes, I said muscle speed – not muscle strength – and that’s what many athletes are not considering when it comes to jumping higher.

We have all seen how outstanding players separate themselves from the rest with their ability to leap higher and take control of the game.

Now you can:

  • Make Slam Dunks Easy
  • Block Shots You Couldn't Stop Before
  • Clear the Boards More Often
  • Make Winning Moves

Without great leaping ability, you won’t score nearly as often, your defense will be weak, your team may be losing games, and you may be sitting on the bench.

There are all kinds of jumping programs and specialists out there that will give you all of the advice you could imagine and make all the promises you want to hear about how to jump higher.

Even if you used every jump higher program out there, there would still be untapped energy in your muscles waiting to be unleashed, unless you have used the exercises I am about to tell you about.

You can increase your vertical jump - and it will be easier then you ever thought possible

You are about to learn how to unleash that often ignored muscle energy and jump higher than ever before – in just a matter of days – by doing some simple 3-minute exercises.

I am going to introduce you to some revolutionary exercises that will condition the specific fibers in your muscles that are responsible for generating explosive speed - so you will now jump higher and sprint faster like never before.

These exercises have already proven to achieve new levels of muscle speed and quickness for thousands of athletes and will absolutely improve your game – even help you dominate the court if that is your goal.

You will have the ultimate advantage that very few others even know about - no matter what your current age or fitness level.

The secret is knowing how to…

Make Your Muscles Faster… So You Will Jump Higher.

Your muscles are made of different fiber types. That's what makes them capable of both strength (the ability to move against heavy resistance) and speed (the ability to contract quickly).

In order to maximize your jumping ability, you will need your muscles to be both strong and fast, and that means conditioning your fast twitch muscle fibers for speed.

Your ability to jump higher will depend as much on the contraction speed of your muscles as well as how strong they are. The contraction speed is how fast your leg muscles contract when jumping, that is, how fast your legs are set in motion. Like a stretched elastic band that contracts instantly when released, fast muscles will instantly catapult you to new heights.

The faster your muscles contract the more explosive your leap and the higher you will get off the ground – it’s a simple as that.

Yes, you need to be strong enough to get your body off the ground. But any improvements in jumping height after that will largely depend on the speed your muscles generate. And that boils down to how fast your muscles contract.

The honor of being the highest leaper goes to those with the fastest muscles.

Gains 3 inches on vertical leap
"Well after just two weeks I gained 3 inches on my vert and have gone from one block a season to two a game, and from 2 rebounds a game to 6. I'm a shooting guard (6ft 2in, 28 years old). This the only product that works 100%. Thank you for your product actually working, thank you very much, it rocks."

Steve T. - Australia

Proper training for pure muscle speed is often ignored

For the most part training for pure muscle speed is being ignored. Though athletes may think they may be training for speed, they are often disappointed in their results because their training program is really a strength program.

The Jump Higher exercise program I am about to show you will help you increase your vertical leap by conditioning your muscles for speed and quickness in ways that will be new and powerful. Even if you are already a top performer your muscles still have weaknesses that can be eliminated and strengthed.

And, unlike other types of training, these exercises:

  • Will be quick and easy to do,
  • Take just a few minutes a day,
  • Can be done just about anywhere ,
  • And you will start seeing results in a matter of days, not weeks or months as in other types of training you have already been doing.

Muscle Speed determines performance level

When you understand what makes muscles faster and why it works and how to properly apply it to specific muscles, you will have discovered the secret to achieving the level of performance that you are actually capable of.

By ordering this program and doing the exercises as described you will have the tools you need to jump higher and farther then you have experienced before.

This training program shows you exactly how to condition the correct muscles and the specific fast twitch muscle fibers that are critical to muscle speed, meaning more more rebounds, more scoring, and more blocked shots, and faster speed down the court.

This JUMP HIGHER Training program will give you greater jumping ability in all of the following activities, even if you are already a great jumper:

  • Two foot standing vertical leap
  • One foot running vertical leap
  • The running broad jump or long jump
  • The high jump in track
  • The hurdles in track
  • Plus faster sprint speed in any sport


We have only just begun to introduce this program to you and you have already read several big claims. And if I were you I’d be wondering…

Is This All A Bunch Of Hype?

And you are absolutely right to ask that question. Look, if we had not seen it happen over and over and heard so many reports of others successes we would be skeptical also. In other words, I know how you feel.

So let me put your mind at ease and tell you exactly what this program is about, and how it will work for you as well as it has for thousands of others like yourself, even if this is the first time you have ever heard of this type of training.

Proof that this works great for all levels of athletes

By the way, when you get a chance, read the many stories of success by people who have dramatically improved their sports performance using these speed training exercises. You will see that many of them have been playing and training for years and are already all star performers and others are just getting started.

And if you are interested, read about how Dr. Van Such came across this training strategy and has now been teaching athletes how to get faster speed and better performance in all their sports skills for more than 10 years. Those links are near the bottom of this page.

So, What is the best strategy for getting faster muscle speed to jump higher and farther?

The best way we have found to condition muscles for speed is with a training program using resistance bands with an isometric contraction.

That's right, resistance bands with isometrics. You may know that isometrics has been around for many years, and dramatic results have been achieved using this technique, but because of the many new training methods that have been introduced over the past several years, isometrics has been mostly ignored.

Also resistance bands have become more popular recently; however they are typically used for strength training as a replacement for weights and cables.

Resistance bands using an isometric contracton is the ideal combination to develop blazing speed and quickness in your muscles.

Performed the way we teach them, these exercises will condition for speed the specific muscle fibers in your muscles that enable you to jump higher with greater explosive speed and power.

Fast Twitch muscle fibers are often ignored

Muscles are composed of basically two fiber types. One type for strength, the ability to move against heavy resistance, and endurance, the ability to perform repetitions without tiring. And another type of fiber is for speed, that is, fast muscle contractions.

The bottom line, and what people have not grasped, is that you cannot condition your muscles for speed using the same techniques you use to train for strength. You may think you are making your muscles faster with strength training but your muscles always know the difference.

This is why athletes are often disappointed with their performance results.

You see, most workout routines are not capable of training your fast twitch muscles fibers for explosive speed. That's because strength and endurance training will cause these fibers to ignore their natural ability to contract instantly and cause them to behave more like slow twitch - or strength - fibers.

That's why you can actually get slower after heavy workouts with weights and repetitions.

In fact, once you start to condition these specific muscle fibers, the way we teach it, you will likely discover that up until now they have been vastly underdeveloped.

This remarkable exercise program is designed to do just one thing and one thing only, and it does it very well - target and condition your fast twitch fibers in the muscles in your legs for speed and quickness.

This is not a program about jumping technique; it is not about plyometrics or strength training or cardio workouts.

We are providing you with the tools to get your muscles faster - for quicker and stronger leaps and more speed.

We are not saying that weights, plyometrics, and technique are not important. They are very important. We believe that all around conditioning, including strength, endurance, agility and coordination as well as speed are important to an athlete’s success. Various types of training strategies are needed to fully develop all aspects of athletic performance.

What most athletes have not yet discovered is that isometrics with resistance bands, the way we teach it, will easily outperform weights and plyometrics when it comes to developing muscle speed.

This type of training will result in you being able to leap higher and farther no matter what other types of training you have already been doing.

Incredible results in athletic performance have been realized when muscles are properly conditioned this way for speed.

The many stories of dramatic increases in jumping ability and sprint speed we receive from athletes and recreational players alike confirm that when isometrics with the resistance band, the way we teach it, is included in an athletes training program they immediately start to improve their athletic performance.

You will not find a quicker, simpler and more effective way to maximize your jumping ability and improve your game.

We all know that there are all kinds of basketball drills, practice equipment, training programs and theories about how to improve your game and jump higher. And that's fine, of course, because proper technique, conditioning and practice are crucial to becoming a winner.

What they are ignoring, however, is the unique muscle conditioning that takes place when training using an isometric contraction with a resistance band.

This conditioning of the muscles can not be obtained with plyometrics, cardio workouts, weights, or any other training strategry. Isometrics is one of the three types of muscle contractions your muscles perform and when included in your training program with a resistance band it will give your muscles a more complete conditioning that will dramatically add to your athletic performance.

And the muscle property that isometrics with the resistance band improves faster than any other workout type is muscle speed and quickness.

Using this program all of your muscles used in jumping and sprinting will be conditioned for speed. This includes the various muscles in your hip extensors, quadriceps, calf muscles, hip flexors and hamstrings.

The program also includes exercises that will give you greater stability for take off and landing - giving you even additional jumping power.

Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Are Often Ignored for Speed

The secret to more explosive power found in this remarkable exercise program is that it specifically conditions the fast twitch muscle fibers to do 2 things.

  1. Condition your muscles to contract with amazing speed and quickness; and
  2. Develop 'muscle memory' in your neuro pathways so your reactions are quick and instinctive.

And, it does this in a safe, simple and easy to follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere and anytime in just a few minutes a day, without any special equipment.

And because fast twitch muscle fibers respond to conditioning much faster and easier than strength - or slow twitch - fibers, you will feel lighter and faster and start experiencing results in just a few days.

Works for all age groups & fitness levels

The exercises can be done simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically anywhere and anytime.

And because the resistance level applied by the bands is determined by the strength of the individual, these exercises can be successfully and safely used by practically anyone, of any age, and any fitness level.

Whether youth, high school, college, beginner, intermediate or advanced, male or female - it does not matter what your age or experience level... You will be jumping higher in days.

Just follow the program as detailed in the Jump Higher Exercise Manual, using the resistance bands supplied with the manual and you will significantly improve your game by jumping higher and sprinting faster.

Training for pure speed is not strenuous, time consuming or intensive like strength or endurance training.

Speed training, the way we teach it, takes only a few minutes a day and should leave you feeling stronger, yet light and responsive... not tired, slow or sluggish as in strength or plyometrics training.

Even if you are currently in mid-season, you will start seeing results in your game within days.

The Jump Higher Speed Training Program
Developed by Dr. Larry Van Such

Everything you need to increase your vertical leaps

  • Immediate online access to the training area and the entire Jump Higher program:
    • Training instructions
    • Exercise videos
    • Progress charts
    • Training schedules
    • Muscle diagrams  
    • Training tips
    • Additional training information

  • Option to download, save or print every section in the Speed Training Program including the Workout Summaries, Progress Chart, Training Schedule, Training Instructions and Training Tips
  • Option to download the exercise videos. Playable on to your computer, tablet or phone.

  • Exercise Videos - The videos demonstrate the 10 training exercises to quicken and strengthen your hip flexors, hip extensors, knee flexors (hamstrings), knee extensor (quadriceps) and Ankle PlantarFlexors (Calf) muscles - all the muscles and exercises needed to Jump Higher and Run Faster!

  • 5 Free Bonuses

  • Optional - Bands:
    • After your purchase you can order bands which we will deliver to your mailing address.
    • You should be able to get bands at your local walmart or sporting goods store. Look for flat bands at least 5 fi long.
    • Recommended: 2 Resistance Bands, 1 light (red), and 1 heavy (blue)

  • Optional - The Jump Higher CD.
    • The CD has 8 of the 10 exercise videos and instructions and will play in your PC computer - not compatible with Apple computers or DVD players. More Details

      Includes the handsome Quick Reference Wall Chart.

      Includes 2 Resistance Bands, 1 light (red), and 1 heavy (blue)

    • Everything in the CD Package is shipped to your address.

    • Does not include access to the online and downloadable Jump Higher Training program

We have kept the price low to make sure everyone can get their hands on this program.

And we can keep the price down because we don't pay others to give us great reviews. We let our customers do the talking - what you see on this page is just a sampling of the reviews and testimonials from users of the program. (The link to many more reviews and testimonials of success is near bottom of this page).

Even if you have been training hard for some time you still have untapped leaping ability which will be released when your muscles are conditioned purely for speed for the first time.

Jump Higher Program with Bands

Click here to order
Click Here To Jump Higher In Days


Iron Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you do these 3 minute exercises you will jump higher and get faster or else we will gladly refund the entire cost and you can keep all the downloadable material and return nothing – no questions asked.

What will happen if you procrastinate or do nothing? That's right, you will still be under performing your potential... When you could be beating your personal bests in both jumping and sprinting in just 2 weeks.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be out jumping and out sprinting your friends, teammates and opponents both on and off the basketball court.

Order this program now to absolutely get more out of your game by developing a fast twitch muscle response, perhaps for the first time, for:

  • More explosive leaps.
  • More blocked shots.
  • More rebounds.
  • More scoring.
  • Beat out your opponent on offense and defense.
  • And get noticed by coaches, scouts, ... and cheerleaders.

"I love this program so much. I am a freshman in high school. Up until today, I couldn't grab the rim. I could touch it, but not snap it. Now, after using the program I have the highest vertical on my whole freshman and JV team.

I can easily grab the rim just standing underneath it. This is the best program in the whole world. All my friends are now wanting to order the program also. I hope that after using this program for a while, I will be able to dunk it. Maybe even by the end of the season. Thanks a ton Doc Larry Van Such!"

Jeremy J. - Idaho

"I just recently purchased a complete series of bands ranging from red to gold. I'm using them with the Jump Higher program and I'm having excellent results. I've added 5 inches to my standing vertical jump."

Terrill W. - Laurel, MD

Don't wait any longer - Its time for you to make your move.

Jump Higher Program with Bands

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Click Here To Jump Higher In Days

Ordering information for the Jump Higher Training Program

Testimonials of success

What is isometric exercise and fast twitch muscle fibers

Why isometrics with resistance bands improves sports performance in record time.

Even if you are in midseason you will see improvements in your jumping in days

Why you will need both speed and strength

View all the programs and get started right away!

Click here to order
Click Here To Jump Higher In Days

Jump higher to dunk - exercises to jump higher

Dennis Hopson, NBA - New Jersey Nets 1st Round Draft Pick & Ohio State all time leading scorer

"I encourage all of my basketball players to use the Run Faster training. I have seen first hand the dramatic effects it has on my players speed. We didn't have this in the NBA when I played. Thanks Dr. Van Such"

Dennis Hopson
Former NBA player, scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, Ohio State All American, and assistant coach at Northwood University and Bowling Green Univ.

"Hello...wanted to give you background and a small but HUGE success story with your exercise.

These numbers might be hard to believe...but they are true. i'm 5'7" tall. When I was younger I had a 44" vertical and ran 4.3 40 yd dash. I've been as high as 48" off of one foot. I then rolled my ankle really bad, for the next 2.5 years couldn't run or jump, NBA doctor misdiagnosed injury. My leg muscles weren't responding to my workouts.

Then I found a guy in Mesa, AZ that has an incredible rehab machine, and within 3 visits, my leg muscles were working like they were supposed to do. I was running again, not much jumping. I really did not have any speed when I was running. I did not regain my speed or quickness or my hops.

For the past year I was also doing isometrics. Wall sits, hamstring curls, hip flexors, and lunges. My legs got stronger, and felt great...but no speed, quickness or hops. I saw your ad on the web, saw the ONE exercise, standing hip flexor routine (I had been doing that same exercise for 4 years, without the band, and all I got was stronger during the exercise but I did not see any improvement in my performance).

Then I used a band at the gym, did the exercise 4 times in 3 weeks. Just after my 4th workout with the band I ran some sprints on the basketball court and I had a HUGE improvement in my speed and quickness!! Then I did a jump shot...and I SPRUNG off of the floor!!

I really believe this is the ONLY way to restore my speed and jumping ability that I used to have. Just wanted to let you know what I've experienced in the past month...doing just ONE exercise!

Thanks for figuring how to turn ON the fast twitch muscles!!!! the way...I'm 44 years old."

Brian M. - Arizona

Sebastian improves vertical leap

"Amazing, never thought it would work that well. Dealing with an hamstring injury before, i never thought it would work like that!"

Sebastian N. - Germany

I love this program so much. I am a freshman in high school. Up until today, I couldn't grab the rim. I could touch it, but not snap it. Now, after using the program I have the highest vertical on my whole freshman and JV team.

I can easily grab the rim just standing underneath it. This is the best program in the whole world. All my friends are now wanting to order the program also. I hope that after using this program for a while, I will be able to dunk it. Maybe even by the end of the season. Thanks a ton Doc Larry Van Such!

Jeremy Jenkins - Idaho

"I just wanted to thank you this product is amazing. At first i was skeptical and thought it was to easy.

But i was blown away two weeks later when my coach timed me. i'm now the 2nd fastest kid on my team and broke the school long jump record by 5 inches!! Thanks for the stunning boost."

Jeremy - arkadelphia, arkansas
Speed Challenge Participant

Broad jump champion

"Recently I've been tryin to increase my speed for school track and field... so i did the exercise and after 2 weeks i found my 40 yard time had gone from 5.62 to 5.35 and my 100m time had gone from 14.4 to 13.45. also a week through this program and i beat my schools long jump record by 12 inches. I can't thank you so much..."

Jonathon Cook, England
Speed Challenge Participant

Terrill adds 5 inches to vertical

"I just recently purchased a complete series of bands ranging from red to gold.

I'm using them with the Jump Higher program and I'm having excellent results. I've added 5 inches to my standing vertical jump."

Terrill W. - Laurel, MD

"I was under the impression that weight lifting would make me faster. Luckily I stumbled upon your website and I got my dad to order the program.

I timed my forty at a 5.62 before this program. Now, after four weeks of doing this program I was able to time my forty and I ran a 5.16!

My goal is to break 4.9 by my birthday in a month. Even if I don't, this is an awesome speed training program and by far the best! Thank you!"

D.B. - Utah

"I have been using your program for two weeks and I have gone from a 4.63 to a 4.53 in the 40-yard dash. This program really works." 
Marcus - Somerdale, NJ

"WOW!!! I am a basketball coach in Colorado and found your site on the web. I was looking for a way to help my daughter run faster. She is a really solid player, but is not the fastest. She just finished the 2 week training program and dropped her sprint time 0.56 seconds I have seen what I thought were amazing results with other programs, but never could have imagined her knocking off more than half a second in 2 weeks in the 40 yard dash. This product really delivers, and at a fraction of the price of other speed training programs."

D. Vigil - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"I wanna thank you for creating such an amazing program. I tried many jumping and running programs through the years to improve my running speed and my vertical height.

After 2 weeks with the vertical jump program I improved my running vertical with 1.57 Inches , my standing Vertical with 2.95 Inches and my running vertical with 2 legs with 1.93 Inches.

Your program and the idea really works."

D. B. - Frankfurt, Germany

"Just a comment on how this program is working. In short, incredible. I bought this program because it is unique. Every other advertisement I read talked about: Plyometrics, strength etc.

My 15 year old daughter has been doing the exercises for 5 days. Last night she said she wanted to try to touch the ceiling, she hadn't been able to do this before. Flat footed she jumped and touched the ceiling with ease. I told her to try it again and this time to touch with her palm. She was shocked to be able to do this so easily. My daughter is a cheerleader and there is a noticeable improvement in her jumps, her toe touches etc. are much higher and explosive.

I am a 41 year old guy and I have also been doing the exercises. My legs feel 'springy' and light. I've been a gym rat for most of my life and I've never seen a program like this.

Thanks for a great program."

B. Martin - Roberts, Idaho

"Guys, this product has made a great difference in my sports. I started these at the beginning of basketball season. I was already the fastest on my team, but this blew my teammates away!

In one game, I was under the boards and fell down, the other team got the ball and went for a fast break. I GOT UP, SPRINTED DOWN AND DEFENDED THE ENTIRE TEAM BY MYSELF WHILE GIVING THE REST OF MY TEAM TIME TO CATCH UP!

I can't thank you guys enough! I want every athlete to know how much they can improve! I thought I was fast before I started using this stuff, but I can't believe how much faster I've gotten!" 

Christian L. - Florida

"When I bought your first Jump Higher book with resistance bands I did the exercises all throughout the summer and I gained some and soon was able to touch the bottom of the rim.

Now, when I got your newest version, I have to tell you- I did the first day of workouts and THE very next day: I got my hand above the rim.

Everyone who is interested in jumping higher for their sport, please listen - You won't find a better book. I know there's a lot of different guarantees that you will see like get ten inches in ten weeks or something like that,But PLEASE get this book!

It is the best book that money can buy for your quickest gains in your vertical jump. IT'S no joke, either. I'm not paid to write this review. You have to try this book out.

I did it and I was not dissatisfied with it. Forget about all that heavy lifting to get your body high in the air.

This is the best way. Thank you Dr. Van Such for taking the time to write this book.

I really enjoy doing those exercises! and I can't wait till I can Dunk!"

Nathanial - Latrobe, PA

[more reviews and testimonial policy...]

"Although strength does play a factor, your ability to jump is affected more by the contraction velocity within your muscles. And it is much easier to increase your muscle contraction velocity than it is to add size."

"Training your muscles for a 'speed of contraction' function can be accomplished best by using things like a resistance band with an isometric training strategy."

The ideal exercise for volleyball training or any other sport where jumping is essential."


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